teaching and outreach



General Relativity

I am regularly teaching an Introduction to General Relativity. Note that I am teaching using my family name Eva Höne.


My courses on General Relativity at the Universities of Bremen and Bielefeld can be found on the University websites.


Other lectures

Paradoxa in Relativity, advanced quantum mechanics, quantum information and computing, relativistic celestial mechanics.


Bachelor and Master theses

Topics related to my research are available on request. Please contact me!

The training of students is an integral aspect of scientific work, both in lectures and by the supervision of Bachelor and Master theses. I believe that it is important to professionalise my teaching and to incorporate the principles of university didactics into my lectures. Therefore, I took several courses, for instance on teaching methods and lecture design. I am planning to continue these efforts and to complete the official certificate programme for university didactics at Bremen University.



presentations for the general public

my latest presentation is available on the YouTube channel of the 'House of Astronomy' in Heidelberg here


courses and presentations for pupils

organisation of the yearly summer academy at University of Bremen


lecture series Gender and Diversity in Physics

next presentation at the online Models of Gravity Workshop, June 21st, 2021