I am Eva Hackmann, a scientist working on General Relativity, black holes, neutron stars and related stuff.



A big step forward: I received my habilitation! Based on an habilitation thesis, an assessment of my teaching skills, and a scientific presentation the physics department of Bremen University unanimously certified my independent and throughout research and lecturing experience in the area of theoretical physics. I am now "Privatdozent", with the venia legendi and the right to officially supervise PhD students. Next destination: Professorship!

explore science public presentation

What is time? To learn more about this question, from September 5 to 7 about 9000 visitors came to Bremen. Sponsored by the Klaus Tschira foundation, an attractive program for all age groups from Kindergarden kids to seniors was presented. I contributed to the program with a presentation on pulsars and how they can be used as high precision clocks in space.

editor's choice publication

Our paper "The propagation delay in the timing of pulsar orbiting a supermassive black hole" was published as editor's choice by the journal General Relativity and Gravitation. We derived an exact solution of the time delay of successive pulsar signals from an orbit around a supermassive Schwarz-schild black hole. The publication is now online and in print. 

Hackmann nominated for Hans-Maier-Leibnitz Price
Credit: Bundesarchiv, B 145 Bild-F041738-0006 / Wienke, Ulrich

nomination Hans-Maier-Leibnitz prize

The Hans-Maier-Leibnitz prize is an annual award of the German Research Foundation (DFG) for outstanding young researchers across all disciplines. As one of two persons I was nominated by the University of Bremen. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

upcoming events - meet me!

ssorry, no events until January 2021 - I am on parental leave :)
Models of Gravity Colloquium 4 December 2019