I am Eva Hackmann, a scientist working on General Relativity, black holes, neutron stars and related stuff.


jury IdeenLauf

The german ministry of education and research celebrates in 2022 the year of science. In this context the 'IdeenLauf' was initiated:  all citizens may formulate research questions and submit them to the website of the intitiative. The aim is to encourage all citizens to participate in future research (-politics). I am honored to serve in the science jury for the area Environment, Climate, Earth, Universe! Looking forward to your questions!


women in science

Today, February 11, is the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This is a campaign that aims at motivating girls and young women to pursue science, because we women are still just a rather small group in the STEM fields! On this occassion, let me share with you a very nice 3-minute video created by the Cluster of Excellence ORIGINS. You are welcome to share it with anyone interested. Enjoy!

tests of gravity

In the framework of the Center of Excellence EXC 2123 QuantumFrontiers we established a new topical group (TG) on 'Tests of Fundamental Physics - Gravity'. The aim is to focus the various activities in QuantumFrontiers on test of the gravitational theory and its foundations, like the Equivalence Principle, and trigger new collaborations and topics. I humbly serve as the leader of this group, and in this function, joined the Science Board of QuantumFrontiers. Check out our website for more details!

YouTube video

Black Holes and their accretion discs - this is the topic of my contribution to the lecture series Fascination Astronomy Online. During the pandemic, the 'House of Astronomy' in Heidelberg hosts live lectures every Tuesday and Thursday on its You Tube channel. In 30 minutes, experts from the field explain about their research for the general public (in German only - sorry!). Don't miss this chance to learn more about these fascinating topics! 

upcoming events - meet me!

DPG School on Black Holes September 4-9, 2022
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany
QuantumFrontiers Day June 24, 2022
Maritim Hotel, Hannover, Germany
Models of Gravity Colloquium June 15, 2022 (online); hosted by ZARM, University of Bremen, Germany
TerraQ General Assembly June 1-2, Hannover, Germany
IdeenLauf - Cluster Conference May 20-22, 2022
Berlin, Germany
Lecture Week
graduate schools TerraQ RTG, IMPRS-GW, QFIRS, Models of Gravity
May 8-13, 2022
Eurostrand, Fintel, Germany
Models of Gravity Colloquium May 4, 2022 (online)
hosted by University of Oldenburg, Germany